PvT CJ Hero’s Double Warp Prism Adept

The Build


I’ve always loved double Warp Prism builds and felt that it was under-utilized. I’ve experimented a lot with it in PvZ but haven’t seen it done much in PvT. Back in the older days when Liquid HerO was dominating, he would do a lot of fancy micro and multi-task centric harass with two Warp Prisms, but it never really caught on with the meta and that style died a bit when Liquid HerO started falling off in the middle of HotS. Here, we see CJ herO bringing the style back vs Dream, this time featuring Adepts!

There are two ways that this build can be performed from what I could tell from CJ herO’s game. I’m going to give the general build that is a bit different from how CJ herO does it in his game, and in the explanation I’ll give the reasoning and situation of when to do CJ herO’s approach.

The Build

14 Pylon (1)
16 Gateway (1) (scout)
16 Assimilator (1)
20 Cybernetics Core
20 Zealot*
Stop Probe production
22 Pylon (2)
22 Nexus
22 Adept (constant production)
24 Mothership Core
Resume Probe production
25 Assimilator
27 Warpgate Research
@200/100 Robotics Facility
@300 Minerals Gateway x2 (2)(3)
@100% Robotics Faciility Warp Prism (1)
@150 Minerals Gateway (4)
@100% Warp Prism Warp Prism (2)
Warp in 4 Adepts into each Warp Prism, and 2 Adepts to attack the front
@400 Minerals Nexus
@150/150 Twilight Council
@100% Twilight Council Resonating Glaives
Forge x2 (1)(2)
Take your natural gasses (3) (4)

* Cancel Zealot if no Engineering Bay block
** With your scouting Probe, if you identify that it is a Reaper expand, build an Assimilator       on your opponent’s gas geyser. Send another probe out and Pylon rush your opponent         with your Mothership Core and first Adept.


The Explanation

This build is a reactive one. The reason you only Pylon rush when you scout that it is a Reaper expand is because it’s the only time you will be able to get the Pylons up and activated to get a cost effective trade. If you scout that your opponent is doing a 3 Rax Opener instead of a Factory based opener, I would also not recommend this follow up to the build, and would rather recommend going for a DT drop akin to Zest’s DT Drop. You can even do the same opener in Zest’s DT Drop (19 Nexus as opposed to 22 Nexus) but be aware that you won’t have the Mothership Core and Adept in time to Pylon rush your opponent, so that option is off the table.

The rest is straight forward. You can make 4 Adepts out of your Gateway before Warpgate is finished, so when your first Warp Prism pops out, you can pick up those 4 Adepts and move across the map. When your second Warp Prism comes out, a warp-in cycle should have given you 4 more Adepts to load into that Warp Prism. Drop with one Warp Prism in the main, and the other in the natural. If you feel that you can get more damage in, also warp in more Adepts with your Warp Prisms to keep on the pressure. Make sure after your second Warp Prism you make 3-5 Observers to put them on key locations on the map to scout for drops and other counter-aggression. The follow up to this build is a standard Adept/Stalker composition with eventual Immortals and Storm.


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